The answer is…

What sets you apart from your competition? Not a Unique Selling Proposition. A legit, non-duplicable reason why you’re not just another brick in the enormous and ultra boring beige wall.

You will be remembered for how you make them feel

The way you make a person feel lasts much longer than what you say.

Use Emotion

Humans make decisions based on emotion, not facts. Hit the button that causes feelings.


Once upon a time there were three…

Stories are seven times more memorable.

Shrink Your Audience

It’s not about how many people you can reach. It’s about how effective you can be with those you do reach.


Instead of touching a soul once, make your story unavoidable. Make it unescapable.

Be Likable

You want to be Thought of First and Liked The Most.

The Long Game

Repetition of emotional stories that invite your audience to like you…then you will win when they need you.

Entertainment Is A Currency

Everybody is too busy to give you any attention. So, you are left with one solution to purchase their time and attention. That currency is entertainment.

GranPa Bob – Story 1

After returning home from the Pacific Theater in 1945, Robert Cox visited Shelley High School in the spring of 1946 where he first saw Doris, a senior, singing in the choir. Courtships were quick in those days, and upon acceptance of Bob’s proposal, Doris received a parachute made of Japanese silk which she designed and crafted into her own wedding dress. They were wed in Nov of 1946. In December of 2019, GranMa Doris passed away. GranPa Bob followed 11 months later. They were married for 73 years.

GranPa Bob – Story 2

Before becoming GranPa Bob, Robert Cox found Doris Jean Burtenshaw. Doris’ middle name could have very well been ‘Homemade’ as she was a farm girl from day one. Doris would milk the cow, skim the cream for homemade butter, homemade soap, and every meal was made from scratch as the cabinets of the kitchen could hold 25 pounds of flour and sugar in the built-in bins. Doris even wore a homemade wedding dress that she designed and crafted from a parachute made of Japanese silk that Robert gifted her after proposing. In the early 1970s, Doris and Robert graduated from parents to Granparents…and that’s how he became GranPa Bob.

When people remember your stories, they’ll remember you.

Give them something worth remembering.

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