We’re most interested in you, the local business owner, but you should know about who we are and what we believe.

We believe that there’s more to a local business than just what you provide. You have stories. There are reasons that you do what you do. When you share your stories, you’ll find there are more customers who will choose you when they need what you offer.

We believe that when you share your experiences, your beliefs and your reasons of why you continue to do what you do, you will be chosen before you are needed.

Evan Chance

It all began at the age of three when Evan’s father called him to listen to the little radio in the kitchen where Santa was talking from the North Pole. He was to young to understand he could only listen to Santa and that all his yelling back to the radio wouldn’t allow Santa to hear him.

At the age of 13, Evan’s sister got a job at the local AM station in the Bear Lake Valley of Idaho. He spent countless hours in the production room exploring the world of voice manipulation via Michael Winslow (Motormouth Jones on Police Academy) while his sister changed the cd’s for the station.

In 2019, after a couple of decades in large market radio, Evan was offered a Partnership with Roy H. Williams at Wizard of Ads. By 2022, Evan had clients in Alabama, Arkansas, Calgary, California, Florida, Idaho, Kentucky, Maryland, Minnesota, Missouri, New Jersey, Texas and Virginia with each of them taking on a bold strategy and growing by multiples instead of percentages.

Mass Media reaches the masses. TV, Radio, Billboard, Direct Mail and Grassroots strategies have built his clients into the dominant players in their marketplace.

Brian Olivarri

Native Texan, Brian began in radio during his years at Texas A&M. The magic Brian lends to Media Railyard is his expertise in ensuring that what comes out of the speakers is aligned for our audience and our client. You’ll hear his work on our flagship station, KHUK 106.5 The Hook in the Highland Lakes of Texas. You can also catch it on the Hook FM app. When you meet Brian, allow yourself the time to pick his brain…you’ll want to know what he has done to make things work in the past.

Something Unexpected

This handy tree welcomes World Championship of Rock Stacking contestants each year during LEAF. The Llano Earth and Art Festival is hosted in Crenwelge Park along the Llano river.

Instead of professionally staged or stock photos, we thought we’d be a little more real with you.

Port Aransas

Dec ’23

250 gal pit

Low n’ Slow

The Griswold

Complete with Dog Leash

Holiday Sculpture

Touched Up Daily

River Radio, LLC DBA Media Railyard